About Us

Who are we?

AIRe Ventilation Sdn Bhd was incorporated in June 2009 in Malaysia.  We are the sole distributor of made in Taiwan KOLOWA brand of products in Malaysia. We are also the Global Distributor worldwide. 
KOLOWA is a trademark well known in the world for its quality and durability. It has a history of 50 years of manufacturing these products in Taiwan.  KOLOWA fans have loyal customers from all over the world.  It is a renowned brand from Taiwan and its products are factory warranty against manufacturing defects. Our SMC fans comply with EU RoHS environmental protection norms.
Our services
We supply, design, install, repair, and provide maintenance.
Our products
Positive pressure ventilation systems, Negative pressure ventilation systems, Cooling systems, etc. We also have an array of ventilation products: Industrial exhaust fans, blower fans, cooling, HVLS fans, etc

Our value
Provide highly competent technical consultation
Training experienced installers
Reliability and Integrity in our business relationship
Commitment to high-quality products and services
Understanding our ventilation & cooling systems
KOLOWA brand has a wide range of products. When used effectively, it will bring the desired results of cooling, ventilation, or both cooling and ventilation effects.  We suggest surveying of plant/building and recommending the most suitable type of ventilation system tailored to our customers’ needs.
Our ventilation and cooling systems are designed to reduce the temperature of the enclosed room/factory/poultry farms/building to a suitable and well-ventilated environment both for the produces and also the operators.
Both negative and positive pressure systems can be designed to suit the environment by using, energy-efficient fans. Our negative pressure system using powerful exhaust fans will exhaust polluted air from the room and introduce fresh, clean air into the room via the cooling pads.  This system effectively brings down the enclosed room temperature and maintains the temperature between 26° to 30°.  As for the positive pressure system, we have a wide range of energy and cost-effective products to cater to these needs.
Cost Saving
Compared to the air-conditioning system, Kolowa ventilation and cooling systems can save from 85% - 90% of the costs of equipment and electricity consumption.
Increase in Productivity
Our system will effectively provide a comfortable working environment by bringing down the room temperature and providing cool, clean air to the enclosed area.  A comfortable environment will bring an increase in the productivity of each operator.  A well-ventilated and conducive environment will also increase productivity for factories warehouses, poultry farms, and greenhouses.
Besides the cooling systems, we have different models of exhaust fans and cooling fans designed to suit the needs of each customer.  We also have the HVLS fans suitable for large open spaces, e.g. Worship halls, multipurpose halls, warehouses, aircraft hangers, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, etc.


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